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Gracie gains a mention in UBC alumni magazine

Trek magazine, the fine publication distributed by the University of B.C. to all alumni, included Gracie’s Got a Secret in its list of featured books in the September/October 2012 issue.

I’m pleased to be on the same page with Caroline Woodward’s novella The Village of Many Hats, published by Oolichan Books. I know Caroline from my days of living and teaching in the Nelson, BC area, when she owned Motherlode Bookstore in the West Kootenays. We met again at the 2012 Word on the Street Festival this fall, at the same time as this magazine appeared.

The Village of Many Hats is told from the point of view of a nine-year-old girl who, along with a wise hat maker, saves her village after tragedy strikes.

Join Gracie in Gibsons Aug. 25

Want to use your pennies for a good cause? Use them to help create a new playground in West Sechelt. I’ll be reading Gracie’s Got a Secret at an Aug. 25 public fundraising event at Dougall Park in Gibsons, BC.

I’ll start at 10:30 a.m. and will have puppets and other paraphernalia on hand. Copies of my book will be on sale for a special price of $10 — no tax!

Find out more in this article from the Coast Reporter

Gracie’s on Word on the Street’s Pinterest board

Gracie’s little orange face now appears on the Pinterest board of the Word on the Street Festival, along with adult and other children’s books. She’s in great company, with the likes of W. P. Kinsella (and his latest book, Butterfly Winter), Arthur Black, Annabel Lyon, Katherine Monk, and lots more.

I’ll be reading Gracie’s Got a Secret at Word on the Street in Vancouver in the fall and look forward to hearing other children’s authors read their book such as Alan Woo’s Maggie’s Chopsticks, and The Swing by Julie Morstad.

Some of Gracie’s secrets spilled in Times Colonist blog

This week, my guest post “Spirituality and writing for children” appeared on the blog Spiritually Speaking, produced by the Times Colonist newspaper in Victoria, BC. (The blog’s creator invited me to contribute and I was delighted to oblige.)

I was happy to share my story about how Gracie Got a Secret came to be.  You’ll discover some of Gracie’s “secrets.” Click here to read my post.

Gracie appears in NJC Class Notes

My alma mater, Neuchatel Junior College (for Ontario grade 13 curriculum), has featured a photo and write-up about Gracie’s Got a Secret in its online alumni Class Notes.

Click here to read the entry.

Secretly reading your children’s books?

“Have you been secretly reading your children’s books? You’re not alone. Many of the books aimed at kids, particularly those written for teens and pre-teens, make for great reading for adults too . . . .

“Gracie is a feisty, wee goldfish on the go who becomes an inspiration to the creatures, an alligator and an elephant, that she meets on her journey outside the fishbowl.

“Conn explains that the book helps kids understand a concept that she learned on her own journey of self-discovery in India: the idea of letting go — a Taoist notion. Gracie knows she can do something seemingly impossible and this gives her confidence. The book is a fun read with engaging pictures despite its deeper message.”

— Arts reporter Jan Degrass, Coast Reporter, Sechelt, BC (Nov. 25/11)

Click here to read the complete article online.

Wanna review my book?

If you like my book Gracie’s Got a Secret, why not write a comment on the Gracie blog on this website? Or if you prefer, you could write one on I’d love to hear from parents, grandparents, children — anyone who appreciates sharing stories with young ones. Let’s inspire the next generation with books and reading!

“Delightful children’s book” — Nov. 17/11

“In this delightful children’s book, a little fish leads the way through a wonderful adventure in which she meets and helps other creatures through their dilemmas by sharing her secret with them. . . . Heather Conn is a skilled children’s author and Lillian Lai’s illustrations are beautifully crafted — giving readers a truly professional product by a talented team.”

— Carol Gardarsson, Editor, The Local, Sechelt, BC (Nov. 17/11)

“New children’s book inspires a Taoist perspective”

“New Children’s Book Inspires a Taoist Perspective” —  Sunshine Coast BC (Oct. 13, 2011)

The website Sunshine Coast BC, which receives a half-million hits a month and is published by Duane Burnett, introduces Gracie to the world.

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