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Gracie’s swimming through Skype

A friend of mine just told me this morning that he’s been reading my book on Skype to his “honorary granddaughter” in Gatineau, Que. Here’s what he had to say:

“She gets her face right up to the camera on her end while I read, then I show her the pictures of Gracie as I go through the book. I put the book close to the camera so that she can see Gracie and her compadres. If I wiggle the book a bit, it seems like Gracie is swimming.

“Now, whenever I connect to Fatoumata, she demands that I pull out Gracie. Since Fatou is only two, I have to shorten your words to keep her attention. She just loves Gracie and this is giving us a wonderful way to stay connected to Fatou and her mom, Julia. You had better get busy cranking out another book so that I will have something to go to when Fatou finally wants more.”

What a wonderful way to connect with a child who’s living far away. I still remember many illustrated books that my mother read to me when I was young. Storytelling is a gift to all ages.