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What’s Gracie’s secret?

This past weekend, Gracie had her public debut at the Sunshine Coast Arts Crawl. It was fun to do some mini-readings at The Gumboot Cafe, as part of The Writers’ Hub event. I read the first few pages of the book, stopping when Gracie met a mysterious voice in the dark. I enjoyed introducing Gracie to young and old who stopped at my display table. The young ones particularly liked the Gracie puppet that I had on hand. (To find out more about The Writers’ Hub and to see photos of the event, check out my blog post.)

I also got a chance to see the delightful storytelling show put on at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre by two talented local performers, John Conway (“The Green Man”) and Jean-Pierre Makosso. About 40 youngsters and their parents sat on the floor inside the semi-circular room, which had been transformed into an ancient forest with a giant tree in the centre. The two playful storytellers engaged the crowd with interactive tales, sound effects, and hand gestures, inviting children from the audience to pretend they were animals such as a giraffe, elephant, and monkey. The message of the two stories was that tiny seeds grow into something wonderful, and that before taking down a tree, you need to ask permission, because trees are made up of many kings, queens, princes and princesses. This show was a wonderful treat as part of the Sunshine Coast Arts Crawl.

I look forward to seeing and hearing John read aloud Gracie’s Got a Secret for my Nov. 26 book launch at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in Sechelt. For more details, see my Events page.