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Gracie, meet Dorothy the Goldfish

Goldfish sure get around. Every week, I keep learning about new goldfish worlds. Somebody told me about Dorothy the Goldfish, who appears on Elmo’s World. Remember “Tickle Me” Elmo from Sesame Street? Of course, I had to check this out on YouTube.

I found Elmo hugging Dorothy’s fishbowl and sharing his love with her in the short video “Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays.” “Cute” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

As a neophyte filmmaker, Elmo creates a mini-movie of Dorothy in her bowl, complete with wavy, hand-held camera angles, called “Dorothy in Water.”

The best one is the creature-filled world that Dorothy imagines from inside her goldfish bowl. The alligator and elephant in the song “Tickle Me Land” aren’t nearly as sweet as Lillian’s Mopey and Nellie, though.

I still like Gracie’s world much better. Am I biased? Yup.